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Slurpy Goodness for Summer

Cold Soups are a great way to beat the summer heat as they are refreshing and packed with good health sans the heat. The palpable heat in the atmosphere means that the harsh summers have arrived with all their intensity. Summers are also the time when all of us notice that our energy levels deplete… Read More Slurpy Goodness for Summer

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Summer Foods

The rising temperature has several negative effects on your body as heat has a way to sap your energy. The summer season is when you must absolutely know what to eat. Here is a helpful guide on choosing to eat right so that you stay hydrated while you have your daily requirement of vitamins and… Read More Summer Foods

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Summer Holiday Destinations in India

The heat is on this summer and being holiday season the summers also signal travel plans. We handpick some Spicejet destinations that are sure to make your summer break memorable.  The summer sun is shining bright and with school holidays on it is the time to plan your next summer break. With a plethora of… Read More Summer Holiday Destinations in India

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Mood for Mango

If there is one thing that is refreshing about the summer, it has to be the mango. Well it has an apt moniker, king of fruits and we tell you how you can incorporate it into your summer diet. What makes mangoes interesting is the fact that there are several ways to use the fruit… Read More Mood for Mango

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Preparing Your Kids For Summer Activities

Summer Ready Come March and parents (well, mothers mostly) have a task on hand. How do we keep the children engaged for a meaningful summer vacation? The two plus months are challenging because mother’s usually need to work out a way to keep the energy and enthusiasm channelized. So here are some ideas that can… Read More Preparing Your Kids For Summer Activities


Summer Spa Retreats

With the summer making an official appearance, the heat is certainly on. And if you are wondering how you can relax this summer and stay haute here are some summer spa treatments that will augur well for you and your skin. Orange facial at Aura, The Park Chennai Rejuvenate the skin by encouraging the shedding… Read More Summer Spa Retreats


Natural Traditional Summer Drinks

Come summer and thirst pangs are unmissable. However if you look back into your childhood, you will remember your mom or grand mom asking you to drink something traditional to prevent dehydration. Incidentally each part of India has its own drink that helps you beat the season’s blues and each of these drinks will help… Read More Natural Traditional Summer Drinks

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Get Your Body Summer Ready

If you are feeling the heat of the weather thanks to the early arrival of the summers, well this is only the beginning of what is said to be a sweltering time ahead. While you may have summer clothes, summer decor and more, have you given a thought to how you can prep your body… Read More Get Your Body Summer Ready