Rucira Kitchens review

Pickles and spice powders are a distinct aspect of Andhra cuisine and it is this unique aspect that you can experience when you order food at Rucira Kitchens. Deepti Mahesh who has been an entrepreneur for the past seven years started this venture. Rucira Kitchens is the brainchild of Deepti Mahesh, and is a Bengaluru… Read More Rucira Kitchens review

The New Indian Express

Lockdown Eating

India has been on a spree of ordering food in during this lockdown and the trends are as interesting as they are appetizing. As a country that loves food, probably there is no match for India. Eating out has naturally thrived curtesy the plethora of options available. However, post March 22, things changed completely with… Read More Lockdown Eating


Beating Hunger in COVID-19

While much has been said about accessibility of food during the tough COVID-19 days, Bengaluru’s restaurants are jumping on the delivery bandwagon to reach out to their customers. If there has been an event that has turned everyone’s life upside down across the world it is the pandemic COVID-19 or the Corona virus that has… Read More Beating Hunger in COVID-19