Svasa Life

Aish at THE Park, Hyderabad

Aish, is a signature Hyderabadi restaurant at level 3, The Park Hyderabad that was recently relaunched post the pandemic. The Nawabs were known for their exquisite taste in sensory objects, jewels, objet d’art and legendary cuisine. The best part is that the restaurant offers an opulent yet restrained setting that makes the perfect backdrop to… Read More Aish at THE Park, Hyderabad

Spice Route

Telangana Cuisine

The cuisine of Telangana is known for its vibrant spice levels including the fiery chilly that literally packs a punch into each dish it is used in. If you are an aficionado of food, the cuisine of Telangana will tantalize your taste buds and take it on a culinary journey like no other. The youngest… Read More Telangana Cuisine