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Yakshagana workshop by Shwetha Shrinivas

Did you know that Yakshagana is a 400 year old folk theatrical dance form? Well this Karnataka folk dance marries music, costumes, dance styles, gestures, acting and extemporaneous dialogues and is a vibrant, living form of folk theatre art. And this weekend is when you have a chance to come up close and personal with… Read More Yakshagana workshop by Shwetha Shrinivas

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Art Installation – Chutney Mary

Growing up in Mangalore, the presence or absence of the Mother Mary picture at home was sometimes indicative of conflict between her Catholic mother and Protestant father. Meet Avril Stormy Unger, an inter-disciplinary artist who explores different mediums like photography, virtual reality and site-specific installations to find new means of expression. “I had a Catholic… Read More Art Installation – Chutney Mary

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Celebrating Songs of Women Poets

An evening of music that promises to merge the songs and texts of the women warikari poets and understand nuances of women’s voices is what in store this weekend courtesy artist Shruthi Vishwanath. The Warikari tradition is a spiritual bhakti tradition whose distinctive feature is its pilgrimage to Pandharpur, in south-eastern Maharashtra, a state in… Read More Celebrating Songs of Women Poets


Sit Down Dinners

Sit down dinners are a great way to showcase stories of places, events and specific themes in a formal setup that adds a whole new dimension to any meal. On a recent visit to Guwahati I was part of a tea trial organized by Novotel Guwahati GS Road in association with Wild Mahseer by Balipara… Read More Sit Down Dinners

Spunky Indian

Review of The Courtyard, Bengaluru

Creativity Unlimited The Courtyard is the space where culture and creative expression are given wings. As a city that merges the contemporary with the traditional, Bengaluru is a hands down winner. And making this possible in its own way is an interactive space located in the midst of the city that is slowly but surely… Read More Review of The Courtyard, Bengaluru

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The folk art of Patachitra

A mélange of music and art that merges seamlessly to tell a story that has the audience enthralled is what the ancient folk art of Patachitra is all about. Art and music is a combination that seldom fails. And this is where Patachitra scores an ace. It is the bright splash of colour and the… Read More The folk art of Patachitra

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Traditional Board Games Make A Comeback

Game On While the world is going digital so are games but wait there is hope as there is a small bit sure movement that aims to revive traditional board games. Vinita Sidhartha a journalist and media consultant kept busy with her professional commitments and it was her grandmother who babysat her children. In spite… Read More Traditional Board Games Make A Comeback