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Technology Driving Revenues in Hospitality

Technology is being increasingly used by hoteliers to strategize and bolster revenues in their properties. Marketing technology helps hoteliers optimize our marketing efforts by targeting the right audience by demographics and location, manage multi-channel campaigns and also track our performance. These activities help drive customer engagement, track conversions, strengthen customer relationships and thereby drive revenue… Read More Technology Driving Revenues in Hospitality

Hotelier India

Tech in F&B Industry

The Food and beverage space in hospitality is getting a tech makeover of sorts with a plethora of new age solutions that promise to up the ante for dining experiences. The hospitality industry has been quick to adopt new technologies to improve the food and beverage experience for guests. Technology has touched all aspects like… Read More Tech in F&B Industry

Seema Magazine

Pumpkin Bread

Baking bread has become a big trend today and one of the unique and better tasting breads you can make is the Pumpkin Bread. An easy pumpkin bread recipe that uses flour and pumpkin with spices became popular too. To make the best pumpkin bread recipe, follow the instructions carefully. An original pumpkin bread recipe… Read More Pumpkin Bread

The Tribune

Hyper Local Ingredients

Hyper local ingredients are making a strong statement in menus across restaurants as ethical eating takes center stage especially in a COVID-19 world. Hyper-local sourcing is gaining a rising popularity as it focuses on the idea of producing the ingredients domestically. It involves growing a plethora of ingredients organically, usually in the backyard or a… Read More Hyper Local Ingredients