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The Role of Premixes and Sauces in Hospitality

Experimenting with flavours and different cuisines has led to people experimenting with their taste buds and trying out new things. Premix/Sauces is one such category which has drawn a lot of attention recently. There is a challenge in getting manpower because of reverse migration hence the businesses need solutions which can help their operations. Cloud… Read More The Role of Premixes and Sauces in Hospitality

Deccan Chronicle

Diwali Recipes

Its the festival of lights and the time you must indulge. After all India’s most loved festival Diwali is also about good food. The first day of Deepawali is “Dhanteras” and usually the Sweet Version of Broken Wheat that is popularly known as Lapsi is prepared by sautéing it in Desi Ghee and Sugar. Some… Read More Diwali Recipes