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Dheel De Bengaluru

You learn. You have fun. You learn AND have fun. There is no downside. Sounds like something you want to do? Well, then head to Dheel De, a workshop that keeps introspection and fun at its core conducted by Bindiya Vaid. This is the first time Dheel De is happening in Bengaluru, having been held… Read More Dheel De Bengaluru

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Sputnik Moments with Yours truly theater

“All the world’s a stage,” once remarked William Shakespeare quite famously. And one person who will agree with that is Nandini Rao, Co-founder, Yours truly. A theatre veteran with over 18 years of overall theatre experience, she is one of the few leading women theatre directors in India. “From the time I knew I had… Read More Sputnik Moments with Yours truly theater

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Stories can be moving and movements can unfold stories. Then why not combine both to explore the matters of the mind in an experimental and powerful act? Well, this was exactly the thought process that saw the coming together of Janavi Ananth, choreography and dancer and Meera Venkatesan, story teller and narrator. And what unfolds… Read More Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

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Anamika – A Search for Krishna

Mythology. A word that evokes varied emotions from different people. Also perhaps a word that probably has the most relevance in today’s times. And mythology is being used trying to bridge the gap between the past and present and the old and the new.  Anamika is an attempt to ask questions about why we still… Read More Anamika – A Search for Krishna

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Improv Comedy show by Improv Comedy Bangalore (ICB)

Comic Timing Improv Comedy Bangalore or ICB is a 4-year-old improvised theatre performance company that does regular shows, workshops and corporate training programmes across India. Nasir Engineer, Founder, ICB had his first tryst with improv workshop almost a decade ago in Mumbai and instantly fell in love with it. “When I moved to Bangalore for… Read More Improv Comedy show by Improv Comedy Bangalore (ICB)

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The Open Couple

If your idea of an enjoyable weekend is laughing out loud, then this is for you. To celebrate the sesquicentennial 150th anniversary, C Krishniah Chetty Foundation – part of the CKC Group of Jewellers, presents an internationally acclaimed adult comedy The Open Couple that is guaranteed two hours of wit, fun and idiosyncrasy. Starring theater… Read More The Open Couple

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Vaibhav Arekar and Sushant Jadhav – The Dancing Duo

Love – a four lettered word that has so many meanings and interpretations that it can be mind boggling. And when expressed through a dance musical, it can take things to a new dimension all together. Urvashi, a dance drama is a unique interpretation and celebration of Love and Womanhood through the eyes of Vaibhav… Read More Vaibhav Arekar and Sushant Jadhav – The Dancing Duo