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Muharraq Travelogue

Bahrain’s capital in the 19th century, Muharraq is the third largest city and is the country’s Capital of Islamic Culture 2018 courtesy its rich heritage. Being a heritage and culture aficionado, I was looking forward to explore Muharraq as it is a city that has managed to retain an old world charm thanks to large scale… Read More Muharraq Travelogue

Spice Route

Bishnoi Travel Guide

A small village in Rajasthan has set standards of ecological living, religious tolerance and conservation that is worth emulating. “Would you like to see the black buck?” asked my driver on a recent visit to Jodhpur. Being a wildlife lover, this was a no brainer for me and I immediately said yes. And this innocuous… Read More Bishnoi Travel Guide

Spice Route

Mangalore Travel Guide

An eclectic mix of cultures, a melange of interesting food and sights that include beaches, historical monuments and more, Mangalore or Mangaluru as it is known now is a port city like no other. One of the fastest-growing cities in the country, Mangaluru has seen a trajectory of development like no other. With a burgeoning… Read More Mangalore Travel Guide


Interview in AIRDA on my visit to Club Mahindra Kandaghat

I recently visited Club Mahindra Kandagat and was approached by the All India Resort Development Association for an interview after reading my story. Here are some snippets: 1/ Could you tell us how uniquely different this holiday experience was for you? (People don’t normally associate a visually delightful experience such as this within the timeshare… Read More Interview in AIRDA on my visit to Club Mahindra Kandaghat