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Varanasi – A Travelogue

“Varanasi” is older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend, and looks twice as old as all of them put together” ~ Mark Twain Varanasi also called Beneras and Kashi (the city of lights) has a spiritual history connected with Hinduism that dates back over 3000 years and is rightly referred to one… Read More Varanasi – A Travelogue


The Allure of Banerasi Weaves

Varanasi is said to be the oldest city in the world and is well known for the Benerasi fabric that is woven into beautiful sarees as well as more contemporary kinds of clothing. However the industry is reeling under an onslaught of power machines and a new generation that is not keen on pursuing the… Read More The Allure of Banerasi Weaves


Varanasi Vignettes

The last couple of weeks were hectic as I was travelling up North. Interestingly I went to Varanasi (or Beneras or Kashi) for the second time as part of the UP Travel Writer’s Conclave 2016 (in its second year). I also went to an art fair Chitrashaala where I met among other artists Sailesh Sanghvi who… Read More Varanasi Vignettes