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Gut Health

Gut health impacts not just physical health but can also play an important part in mental wellbeing. We have more than 1,00,000 billion microbes in our intestine. Some foods that can improve gut health are yogurt, buttermilk, almonds, berries, citrus fruits, bananas and others. Ayurveda recommends herbs like long pepper, black pepper, dry ginger powder… Read More Gut Health

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Immunity Booster: Hues of Haldi

An ingredient that is known to be a powerhouse of all things good, turmeric is the flavor of the season across the world. Turmeric has been a staple part of Indian diet from time immemorial. Haldi has been a ingredients that is used everywhere from flavouring dals and curries to even in a glass of… Read More Immunity Booster: Hues of Haldi