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Vegan recipes

Vegan dishes embrace ethical and environmental values by offering cruelty-free options that do not harm animals, aligning with the compassionate principles of a vegan lifestyle. Additionally, these plant-based diets are known for their reduced environmental impact, making them an eco-conscious choice that promotes sustainability. Vegan food is a great option for individuals looking for both… Read More Vegan recipes

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Vegetarian Recipes

As we celebrate World Vegetarian Day on October 1st and October is vegetarian month, it is time to shine the spotlight on vegetarian food. With an uptick of clean and plant-based living, vegetarian food is seeing a resurgence of sorts. Apart from the vegetarian only restaurants there are several non-vegetarians who are turning to vegetarian food.… Read More Vegetarian Recipes

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Flexitarian Diets

Being flexitarian is believed to be the easiest way to switch to a plant based diet especially if you are finding it hard to give up meat. Flexitarianism is a dietary strategy that is predominantly a plant-based yet allows for the occasional ingestion of animal products. Flexitarians prioritise plant-based meals while remaining open to including… Read More Flexitarian Diets

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Vegetarian Cuisine

October 1st is celebrated as World Vegetarian Day and it is time to get your fill of what is happening in this space. Being a vegetarian by birth and choice, I am often questioned about my food preferences. However I have always maintained that the best food is vegetarian and I never miss out on… Read More Vegetarian Cuisine


RAS Luxury Oils

An invitation to experience a premium luxury oil based product is hard to turn down and when I met the young entrepreneur behind the RAS Luxury Oils brand I knew this was an afternoon well spent at Blown Salon in Lavelle Road in Bangalore. RAS Luxury Oils is headquartered in Raipur and offers a range… Read More RAS Luxury Oils