Interview with Sowmya Acharya, Acharyanet

If you love music but have had to move abroad and do not find the right teacher what would you do? Well it was precisely this situation that Sowmya Acharya faced when she was in California around 2004 and her options were limited. “I was always deeply involved in classical music from childhood through my… Read More Interview with Sowmya Acharya, Acharyanet

New Woman

Interview with Shruti Shibulal

As a child growing up in the US and India, Shruti Shibulal unknowingly inherited the travel gene. In fact even today it is part of her DNA and this worked wonderfully well for her as she is the promoter of The Tamara, a luxury resort in Coorg apart from other hospitality ventures. Looking Back After… Read More Interview with Shruti Shibulal


Interview with Yoga sensation Natasha Noel

“To just give hope. Hope that you are not alone, that whatever situation you are in, however horrible, you will come out if it. A better version of you. And if you allow time to heal you, you will understand that everything happens for a reason and that you survived and then you start living… Read More Interview with Yoga sensation Natasha Noel


Pashmina Crusader – Varuna Anand

Pashmina Push The beautiful state of Jammu & Kashmir is associated with this stunning craft. It means ‘made from wool’ and means ‘soft gold’ in Kashmiri. A garment that is much sought after. Well no prizes for guessing that I am referring to the Pashmina shawl. Varuna Anand, a renowned textile designer is working to… Read More Pashmina Crusader – Varuna Anand