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Tea Day Recipes

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International tea Day is celebrated on May 21 every year but did you know that tea can also be used to make some lip smacking dishes?

India’s favourite beverage tea or chai as it is called is not just a drink but has found its way into menus as well. Chefs across the country have been experimenting not just with tea but also tea leaves to create dishes that have a tea infused flavour.

India is a country that loves its tea and today tea has become all this artisanal. Tea leaves have long been used to cook but tea itself is being infused to create interesting dishes. if that left you intrigued, here are some dishes for you to try:

  • Tea Tree Smoked Chicken, with Assam tea poached egg, accompanied with summer vegetables and mushroom decoction courtesy Rana Dominic Gomes, Area Chef South, Royal Orchid Hotels
  • Honey & Black Tea Loaf courtesy Preetanjali Pasari, Founder & Owner, Butterfingers By Preetanjali
  • Saunfwali Chai Ki Matka Kulfi courtesy Reetu Uday Kugaji, Culinary Expert & Chef Consultant
  • Marinated Tea Leaf Mushroom Salad courtesy Chef Vidisha Bathwal, Founder, Paprika Gourmet
  • Kahwa Granita courtesy Varun Totlani, Head Chef, Masque

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