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Tech in F&B Industry

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The Food and beverage space in hospitality is getting a tech makeover of sorts with a plethora of new age solutions that promise to up the ante for dining experiences.

The hospitality industry has been quick to adopt new technologies to improve the food and beverage experience for guests. Technology has touched all aspects like online ordering and delivery, kitchen automation and robotics, AI-powered menu recommendations, food tracking and traceability and cashless and contactless payment.

The future as we see is all about dynamic price points in restaurants that are something similar to airline pricing and preferred location charges in restaurants and based on these initiatives or futuristic thoughts dining is an experiential affair, where AI and IOT can be embedded into the table management software to understand ‘the purpose of dinning’ and customise the guest experience to a next level and monetize it.

  • New and extremely accurate cooking equipment are making cooking more fun and scientific – Enhanced customer and chefs experience
  • Older recipes are becoming more precise and are dishing out standardized output due to improved technologies
  • Cooking techniques like Sous-Vide etc. are making cooking extremely easy and cook friendly
  • Nutritional guarding of fresh ingredients makes these age-old recipes more nutrient dense and healthier — Greater focus on sustainability and health
  • Convenience and precision are superior while these new technologies also are environment friendly saving on resources in many ways
  • Extremely new and still developing technologies would reduce the reliance on human resources; making automation a reality in kitchens tomorrow. A positive start in this direction is already visible .

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