The Charms of Kota Doria Silk

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A lightweight, airy fabric that is woven in small squares, the traditional Kota Doria fabric is getting a digital makeover and a global audience.

Anjali Agrawal has turned her passion and love for the traditional Kota Doria fabric, into a company that has a turnover of Rs. 4 crores. In the process she has not just helped revive the craft but also the livelihood of the craftsmen.

Currently KDS has more than 70 artists working for the platform pan India. Each of the craftsmen associated with them have their own areas of expertise and talent, which is what eventually adds on to the work they do for KotaDoriaSilk. The artisans have a steady source of income as work is continual.

Three years ago, Anjali started the Anjali Handloom Studio, a sister concern of KDS working on fabrics like Chanderi, Ghiccha and Tussar and linen and cotton. All these are only woven on hand looms. Anjali has also created a network of artisans and craftspeople across the country based on their regional specialisations.

Kota Doria Silk
Kota Doria Silk

Kota Doria is an Indian traditional fabric that stands for airy nature and the breathing space it allows. This traditional fabric Kota Doria is best for the summers in India. However, as it was also not easily available in the market, KDS gave it the required platform and made it accessible.

Also, it is available online and the product mix has different items like dress materials, duppattas and home decor. A combination of good quality fabric, exclusive designs and fast delivery has ensured that the platform has seen returning customers.

With buyers and resellers from across India the website has many traditional Indian outfits in new age designs that have found global appeal. In fact, even during the pandemic she helped artisans exhibit the fabric as well as helped the weavers to sustain themselves.

Read the full story that first appeared in Apparel Magazine’s August 2021 issue here:

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