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The Great Living Chola Temples

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The Chola empire and the UNESCO Great Living Chola Temples are examples of an era that has stood the test of time.

The 2022 Tamil film Ponniyin Selvan has brought the Cholas out of the history textbooks into mainstream life. Part 2 of the movie will be released soon. However, if you are looking to see the magnificent temples for yourself, the best way is to head to them and experience the grandeur for yourself.

The carvings at the Darasuram temple

A flight from Bengaluru to Trichy took me to my destination Mantra Koodam – CGH Earth where Harish Venkat, General Manager explained to me that the Chola history actually dates to over 6000 years. A stay at Mantra Koodam – CGH Earth is a great way to visit the temples that form the trio of the Great Living Chola Temples.

Gangaikonda Chlapuram

Brihadisvara Temple, Thanjavur
Airavatesvara Temple, Darasuram
Brihadisvara temple, Gangaikonda Cholapuram

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