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The Indian Music Experience Museum

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The Indian Music Experience Museum or IME is India’s first interactive music museum and the only institution of its kind dedicated to showcasing the history and development of music in India.

India’s rich musical heritage has several dimensions and a museum in Bengaluru, The Indian Music Experience (IME) attempts to encompass these under one roof. The four storey space has hi-tech multimedia exhibit galleries, a sound garden, a learning centre for music education, and several performance spaces under one roof. Their work spans exhibitions, public programs, conservation, audience development, education, and community outreach.

Instruments Gallery at IME
Instruments Gallery at IME

Walking through IME starts with the Sound Garden at the front of the museum, which gives visitors a chance to play musical instruments themselves regardless of their musical skills, bringing out an almost childlike quality in all visitors. This is a set of ten life size instruments or playable music sculptures that include humming stones, a Sound Table Xylophone and flower gongs that give visitors a chance to explore the science of sound, and how music is produced using different materials such as wood, stone, brass, and aluminium plates. As you enter the space it becomes evident that it is designed to give visitors an immersive experience of music from India.

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