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The River is a Lifeline

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Rivers in India are an ecosystem that support life. It is however unfortunate that they are one of the most polluted and need conservation now.

The rivers support an entire ecosystem and human life and happen to be at the receiving end of intense pollution which means that they need to be urgently conserved.

Rivers in India means many things. Firstly most rivers are worshipped. It is common practice to take a dip in the river especially at pilgrim centers. India’s holiest river Ganga is believed to originate from Lord Shiva’s hair. Naturally then, the dip there is considered most holy.

For conservationists, riverine habitats are home to marine species that are depleting at an alarming rate. Rivers are also important as they support an entire lifecycle, like the Aghanashini.

Rivers are a source of great natural beauty but unfortunately the pollution levels are not just killing them but also life around them. Hence conservation efforts are the need of the hour. And fortunately many are showing results.

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