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The Role of Premixes and Sauces in Hospitality

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Experimenting with flavours and different cuisines has led to people experimenting with their taste buds and trying out new things. Premix/Sauces is one such category which has drawn a lot of attention recently.

There is a challenge in getting manpower because of reverse migration hence the businesses need solutions which can help their operations. Cloud kitchens are also driving the growth because of the need of their operations.  

The Chatter House recently introduced its revamped food menu with dips, sauces, dressings, burger buns and pastas that are rolled out from scratch on site. “It helps us to assure each dish is made fresh and the outcome is a quality product. Even the liqueurs, syrups, cordials, and essences are made in house with natural ingredients. We want to provide gourmet experiences to our patrons and stand out in the market. Thus, with in-house sauces we can offer uniqueness in our dishes and the flavours that can be only experienced at The Chatter House. Apart from this, it also reduces dependency from the third-party sources. The past few years have taught us to be independent, thus we try to use resources efficiently,” says Swadeep Popli, Director and Founder, The Chatter House.

Thai Herbs Sauce
Thai Herbs Sauce

While premixes and sauces come with the tag of convenience and consistency, chemical stabilisers and enhancers to ensure the durability and packaging means that there is a need to carefully study the components before using them. If possible, source the premix/sauce with organic or no less amount of additional stabilizers/flavour enhancers. Chef Vinayak Patil, Corporate Chef at Shiv Sagar Group / Butterfly High says, “there is a wide variety of premixes and sauces. Many big companies are supplying their premixes and sauces like different types of mayo, biryani masala premix varieties of seasonings. When restaurants use these types of mixes in their preparation, the cooking process ends up being quicker and they can serve the dish as soon as possible. Because of these mixes our product quality may differ in the future as the quality of mixes and sauces also differ from time to time. and company to company.”

With most people being well travelled and constantly looking to re-create flavours that they had while on their travels, premixes are becoming popular even as they combine flavour with convenience.

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