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Tips to Buy Wedding Jewellery

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If you are shopping for jewellery for your wedding, make sure that you choose well so that you can use them even after your big day.

With Instagram influx, posts from celebrity stylists and a lot of general content around fashion, brides of today have found ways to experiment with jewellery while staying connected to their traditions. There are multiple factors that define jewellery purchases which include budgets, occasions and versatility.

Some key things to keep in mind while shopping would be:

Always buy the jewellery first rather than doing it the other way round. Your jewelry is an essential part of the trousseau hence buying it first would make it much easier to then find the perfect outfit. Example, if you buy a longer necklace, you would know the exact neckline for your blouse. 

Pic: Popley Eternal
Pic: Popley Eternal

Opt for detachable/ multifunctional pieces which can be used after the wedding too. Like kundan chokers or diamonds work across occasion and outfits. There are many ways to pair them. 

Go for something timeless so that it can become part of heirloom and be passed on. Heritage jewellery is still being worn and the designs used then are still used today. Those are the kind of pieces which are evergreen, not governed by the current trends and styles. So the ideal purchase would be the ones where Indian traditions are interpreted in modern cuts and styles. 

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