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Top 10 unexplored destinations to visit in 2023

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If you intend to make 2023 the year of travel, we have a curated list of destinations that will ensure that you can experience the best the world has to offer.

Travel in today’s times is all about experiences and going off the beaten path. Also looking for unexplored destinations is high on the wish list for most people. Here is a list of destinations that experts believe will be popular in 2023.

  1. Svalbard, Norway
  2. Sindhudurg
  3. Utah
  4. Jawai
  5. Ras al Khaimah
  6. Lachen Lachaung
  7. Hubli
  8. Finland
  9. Aletsch Arena, Switzerland
  10. Binsar

Read the full story that first appeared in The Hotelier India’s Feb 2023 issue here:

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