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Traditional Eateries in Macao

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With a history of Portuguese cuisine, Macao has an interesting mix as far as food is concerned.

Interestingly many of these places have traditional food and the myriad history of the place can be best experienced here.

Tai Lei Loi Kei is where the Pork chop bun was first made and dates back to 1968. They use their own secret ingredients to make these delectable buns.

Long Wa Tea House is a vintage restaurant that serves Chinese-style dim sum and teas and has a large collection of antique tea pots and dates back to 50 years.

Lord Stow’s Bakery located on Coloane Island in 1989 and this place is known to be the origin of the famous egg tart.

Wa Sang Hong is a traditional eatery started over 30 years ago, Wa Sang Hong is where you can sample the traditional Turtle Jelly, Herbal Tea and Double-Boiled Soup. The porcelain tableware used to serve the herbal turtle jelly is tailormade and you can see how the team sets the jelly at the rear portion of this tiny restaurant. The jelly is not just known for its refreshing taste but is said to have medicinal benefits too. Over ten kinds of Chinese herbs are used to make the turtle jelly it has a slight bitter taste.

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