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Udaan B2B Marketplace for Apparel

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‘Udaan’, the most-prominent and only Business-to-Business marketplace is India’s largest distribution platform and trustworthy eco-system for brands, manufacturers and traders who engage in free-trade with retailers.

Business-to-business marketplaces are playing a pivotal role in helping businesses grow especially in the current situation when business houses face various competitive and complex challenges that hinder their growth. ‘Udaan’ is a B2B platform that was started in July 2016 and has successfully worked towards bridging the gap between manufacturers, traders, brands and retailers.

Making the Difference

Udaan caters to almost every major Indian business category including clothing and accessories, electronics & appliances, grocery and FMCG, home & kitchen, footwear, stationery and office supplies and pharmacy. Countrywide, ‘Udaan’ has a vast distribution network, scaling to over 900+ cities in India, wherein, its channel includes 19,500+ traders and manufacturers from 25+ cities and 11.5 lakh+ retailers. The exemplary-expertise of ‘Udaan’ is the comfort and ease of operation, ever expanding scale and reach, partner friendly policies ensuring adoption and experimentation and most importantly a promise to grow. Today, ‘Udaan’ stands to be a much-reckoned business-to-business bazaar, bringing together lakhs of products under one roof. Owing to its services like credit, door-step delivery, easy and supportive return policy, it has become the first choice for all including retailers, traders, manufacturers and brands. “We partnered with Udaan over 1.5 years ago. As we continued to work together, we realised Udaan’s potential. We had to employ only two people to only pack and process Udaan orders, and even then we were unable to manage the influx of orders. Overall the experience has been superb and we look forward to continue working with Udaan”, says Rohit Negi, Brand Owner, Laurels, Ghaziabad. Retailer Aakash Goyal, Shreejee Bags, Jaipur seconds this, “finding the right selection was always a problem. But working with Udaan I have been able to identify traders and manufacturers that are able to give me good quality, competitive pricing and most-importantly diverse range of designs. As a result, my business has grown tremendously and my customers are very happy.”

Apparel Matters

As far as the apparel sector is concerned, Udaan has over 10,000 traders and manufacturers and over 3 lakh + Retailers with 9 lakh + designs that are live on the system and available for sale. Udaan is involved in transacting over 2000 tons of clothing orders every day. Udaan also conducts exclusive sales and distribution events for its partners. The end-result of one such event in the clothing fragment shows very exciting and encouraging results. This includes one order placed every two seconds, with a total of 1.12 lakh orders and two out of three orders dispatched the same day, a total of two lakh hours spent viewing more than seven lakh designs and 40% orders placed on credit. “Udaan is the modern business-to-business souk and assists brands reach out to markets instantly and with greater cost-efficiencies. From the clothing segment ‘Udaan’ has partnered with some of India’s top-of-the-line brands onboard including Lux, Rupa, Lyra in Inner Wear, Toodles, Magic Train, Maple, Kinder Choice, Krazy Girl, Ahhaaaa in Kids Wear, Ruf & Tuf, Newport, Mafatlal, Advance-18 in menswear, Gajiwala, Mahaveer Fashion, Bahubali, Tejoo Fashion, and many more in womenswear,” says Shraiyaa Aggarwal, Senior Marketing Manager, Udaan.

Udaan Advantage

Traders and manufacturers as well as brands are always looking for ways to grow their business by selling more products to more-and-more retailers. ‘Udaan’ assists these traders and brands to safely sell through its market-place. It enhances them with an opportunity to tap the untapped market, by way of providing easy access to a large new audience.  “If you are a manufacturer and are looking at distributing your products to retailers or if you are a distributor and are looking at spreading wings of your sales channels, you must partner with ‘Udaan’ for a number of reasons. For instance, ‘Udaan’ has an extremely low cost of entry. Brands, manufacturers do not have to create or develop their own e-commerce platform. You do not have to spend on marketing because ‘Udaan’ is bringing in retailers and driving sales. An easy to set-up an account enables easy adoption. You will not have to spend years, setting-up a store-front. Instead, you just need to create an account and load your product information to start selling,” says Aggarwal. The most-important advantage of ‘Udaan’ is the access to an already engaged audience. And the best part is that you do not have to build the audience yourself. This expands your reach to new customers nationally and ‘Udaan’ is also a great way to test out new products with different markets. You can selectively pick a few products and check the response. Depending on its success, you can pull or push out the products. If you are a retailer and you are looking at purchasing a variety of products at competitive price in great quality, ‘Udaan’ is the place for you. “A successful retail business significantly depends on offering the right product, at the right price, at the right time. With ‘Udaan’ you have an option to pick-and-choose from the best-suited products for your market. Working hand-in-hand with ‘Udaan’, you will be able to smoothly multiply your sales and grow your business. Udaan will not only ensure that you get access to products from all market hubs, but also ensure that you are able to offer your customers good quality at the right price. Partnering with ‘Udaan’ you can save on cost overheads and effort of traveling, identifying latest products to purchase, doorstep delivery all on the go while attending customers at your store,” adds Aggarwal.

Policies & More

‘Udaan’ has established several friendly policies with the objective of faster adoption. You will have the freedom to try new products from across the country without fear of being stuck with poor quality products. You will be able to identify a set of traders and brands that fulfill your specific needs and cater to the preferences of your markets. “Lending credit to any business party in the present market arena can prove fatal unless and until one holds a solid credential. ‘Udaan’ renders credit, takes risk, and supports the industry as a whole, making it possible for retailers to buy from markets thought to be impenetrable and helping sellers connect with thousands of retailers from across the country. This has resulted in the dawn of a new kind of business arrangement where the retailers are growing at a phenomenal pace and traders are confidently launching newer products and brands. ‘Udaan’ has successfully-extended credit to around 200000+ retailers all over India with an aim to enable credit to over 50% retailers by the year end,” says Aggarwal.

Buyer Speak

Even buyers agree that the platform has helped them. Manufacturer Aman Yadav, Kaezri, Delhi says, “when we partnered with Udaan, our aim was not only to sell but also to build a brand. We have successfully-launched Kaezri branded items exclusively on Udaan and we received an overwhelming response. With Udaan, I have personally seen many people in my fraternity grow tremendously in a very short time.” Even small brands have found that the platform has helped them make purchasing decisions simple. “When I started my business, I was not sure where to start and how to get the right collection for my store. But when I found about Udaan, I was extremely relieved. I have been able to order inner wear, kurtis, tops all on Udaan. At the moment, over 90% stock in my store has been ordered on Udaan and Udaan has been my guiding light”, says Saavi Jagtap, Saavi Ladies Shop, Pune. And certainly the platform needs no better validation than actual users who are arguably its best ambassadors.

This story first appeared in the June 2019 issue of Apparel magazine here: BRAND PROFILE UDAAN

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