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‘Unlocking the object’

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‘Unlocking the object’ is an exhibition of paintings and sculpture where the narrative of an object and its relationship with memory for an artist is being showcased.

What is common to S H Raza, Bhupen Kakker, T Vaikuntam, Mithu Sen, Arunkumar H G, Sakshi Gupta, George K, Nandi Shah, Banu Batliboi, Bheeshma Sharma, Gurjeet Singh, Manisha Aggarwal, Divya Chinni, Ravinder Dutt, N Ramachanderan, Mainaz Bano, Sudhir Pandey, Chippa Sudhakar, Praful Singh, Shweta Mansingka and James Chedburn? Well, all these top-notch artists are part of an online art show put together by Apparao Galleries.

Sharan Apparao
Sharan Apparao

The show endeavours to unlock the memories and connection of the objects in a visual mind space of the artist. This is a two-part exhibition that has been curated specially with artworks of objects and objects that are artworks. Most of the artists are well known painters and to find objects by them that are also works of art is a coup for this show.

Bhupen Kakkar’s artwork Ceramic Plate
Bhupen Kakkar’s artwork Ceramic Plate

Sharan Apparao, Founder, Apparao Galleries says, “I love art and for me I pick artists’ work that speaks to me. This show was difficult to curate because there was so much good work and it was so difficult to draw a line and stop. So, we decided to make it two parts, the second part has the smaller format works and younger artists.”

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