Valentine with a Twist

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Typically associated with roses, chocolates and flowers, Valentine’s Day across the globe has many interesting twists. And it is all about love in all its forms that includes friendship too.

We look at six unique traditions in different countries that give Valentine celebrations a whole new meaning and perspective.

Japan While Valentine Day is all about typically wooing the woman, Japan does a role reversal of sorts as women gift their boyfriends and husbands with chocolate-infused goodies.

Slovenia Celebrated as a spring festival, Slovenia’s Valentine’s Day heralds spring celebrations.

China The custom of lighting lanterns is an important tradition in the Chinese calendar.

Estonia Celebrating friendship in Finland and Estonia is important on Valentine’s Day and is called Ystävän Päivä in Finnish and Sõbrapäev in Estonia.

Philippines This is the day when couples marry, and the events are actually sponsored by the government.

France Known to be the country that has the ultimate symbol of love, France had an erstwhile love lottery concept on Valentine’s Day.

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