Vegetarian Chettinad Fare

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The region of Chettinad is known for its fiery cuisine that is largely dominated today by non vegetarian fare but it has a repertoire of vegetarian food that is often not in the limelight.

On a recent visit to CGH Visalam, a boutique 15 room property by CGH Earth, I had an opportunity to taste an array of vegetarian food. This was also a great way for me to learn about the cuisine, what gives it a distinct flavour as well as learn a dish from a home cook from the region.

Interestingly it is believed that Chettinad cuisine was originally vegetarian and as the Chettiars travelled abroad for their business there was an introduction of non vegetarian fare into their food.

Brass vessels in a Chettinad kitchen
Brass vessels in a Chettinad kitchen

The use of spices is a distinctive element of Chettinad cuisine and most dishes will have the Chettinadu masala as part of its recipe.

At CGH Visalam, I had a great insight into the cuisine as the property only serves the local fare and you can sample a range of their food – which can also be all vegetarian and still give you a local flavour. From meals served on banana leaves to breakfast that has traditional food, they do go all put in ensuring you taste the local cuisine.

Read the full story that first appeared in CEIA magazine here:

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