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In the age of Spotify and digital music, there is quiet revolution in the analogue market as the charm of vinyl continues to gain popularity.

A report by New Musical Express states that over five million vinyl records were sold in the U.K. and in 2021 they hit a record high in 30 years.

Record Room in Bengaluru, was set up to share the owner’s love for analog with music lovers. All three partners – Nakul Bhonsle, Akshar Halgali and Karthik Chandrasekaran R have had their respective first experiences with vinyl at different points in there lives and never stopped thinking about it. And ever since that time they have been listening and talking about the joys of vinyl to others.

This craft beer and vinyl bar was created with two experiences in mind – for first-time vinyl curious folks: to enjoy and have an immersive experience when they listen to their first vinyl record. The second, for the vinyl-gurus and vinly connoisseurs to listen to their favourite bands on vinyl as well as share their personal collections with other vinyl aficionados over some of the city’s craft beer.

Vinyl at Record Room Bengaluru
Vinyl at Record Room Bengaluru

Since they opened, vinyl- curious guests who experience analog for the first time at Record Room’s listening station, ask them about how to source records and turntables. This clearly indicates that they too are fascinated by the pop and crackle and complete experience of listening to vinyl – just like the owners were.

On the other hand vinyl aficionados have brought their collections to the restaurant requesting them to play their records while they enjoy the experience of food and drink that they offer. Based on this response they have designed a series of vinyl programs at Record Room to further engage with this community.

 Indian independent artists pressing their music on vinyl, the desire in the vinyl heads supporting more indie music and getting their favourite Indian artist on record, the desire to preserve music for longer than how it lasts on digital streaming apps, youngsters connecting more and more to Indian classical music and vinyl being able to give that access for you to discover a whole library of music which you would not otherwise ever will basis algorithms.

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