Visage Salon Review

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A salon visit is a great way to perk yourself up and a visit to VISAGE, the unisex Salon in Bengaluru’s up market St. Mark’s Road just takes this experience up several notches. Founded by beauty and fashion expert Beena Sondhi this salon offers specialised skin care, hair care and make-up. The purple and chrome interiors of the salon are accentuated with black and white furniture. Neatly organised into various sections, the state-of-the-art salon uses top notch products and grooming techniques by highly-trained specialists. The Nail Bar offers all the latest nail treatments as well.

Mane Matters

I decided to take the Hair spa and my therapist Rolly from Manipur suggests the L’Oreal hair spa. She starts by observing my scalp and washes my hair with a L’Oreal deep cleansing shampoo and does not use any conditioner. She then applies a hair cream by L’Oreal, section by section covering the hair roots and the entire length of the hair using a brush. After this, she massages my hair using light strokes for about 15 minutes to stimulate my hair follicles and also for relaxation. After the massage Rolly sprays some water on my hair to ensure it remains moist. She follows this with a relaxing back massage on the towel itself using her thumbs, fingers and palms which is deeply relaxing. She also massages my shoulders and arms over the towel which gives them the much needed rest. Using a cupping gesture she ends the massage with a quick shoulder massage. After this I am asked to take steam for 10 minutes to ensure the pores are opened to absorb the cream. The 40 minute ritual ends with a rinse using only water. A serum is applied at the end to control frizz and left me hair feeling soft and smooth. The therapists are trained regularly to keep them abreast of new technologies in the salon space and you can see the same when they work here.


Nail It

I was also suggested to do the nail treatment and Kim from Manipur gave me a mini manicure and applied the gel nail polish said to last for 4 weeks. I also took a pedicure which started with cutting my nails asking me the shape required – round or square and also filed them accordingly. She then applied a cuticle softener to ensure they could be removed easily. After this she applied a cream around the nails and asked me to soak my feet in warm water. Cleaning the cream with cotton she used a cuticle pusher to first push back the nails and then remove the cuticles all around the nails. After this a scrubber is used to remove the dead skin at the back of my feet. Patting my feet dry she then used a soft scraper to scrub out the back of my feet to remove any dead skin and impurities. After allowing the feet to soak in warm water she then brushes the nails with soap solution and using cold water washes my feet and taps it dry. This is followed with an invigorating feet massage using a cream that is soothing. A nail polish with the colour I choose left my feet looking nice and pretty. The 45 minutes ritual left my feet feeling relaxed and rejuvenated too.

The best part is that you can opt to take both the hair spa and pedicure together as well if you are running short of time and by the end of it I am feeling like a million bucks and  feeling And well why not as their tag line goes “it’s all about you”. And also a great way to invest some time in yourself while making that much needed ‘me time’. So head right in without much ado!


Fact File

Name of The Salon: VISAGE unisex salon/spa

Established: 2013

Founders: Beena Sondhi

Architect: Anshul

Area/Size: 4000sft

Treatment rooms: 3

Number of estheticians: (total staff 20; therapists 3)

Signature Treatment: Nail treatments, Hair spa

Timings: 10am to 8pm all days of the week (no holiday)

Contact: Beena Sondhi, Director

Address: Manandi Plaza, #3, St. Marks road, Bangalore 560001


This story appeared in the July issue of Style Speak magazine here: Salon Review – Visage

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