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Vishwanath Srikantaiah

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Water is the elixir of life and there is no doubt that conserving this rapidly declining resource is the need of the hour.

Clean water for all including humans for life and livelihoods and nature, free flowing rivers, clean lakes, pollution free oceans and full wells is Vishwanath Srikantaiah’s vision.

There is an urgent need to build the right institutions which can deliver design and solutions.

We still do not realise that every individual action has an impact on water and we need to build that awareness amongst our citizenry especially the young people. The plastic chips packet you throw, the garbage you leave and even automobile emission has an impact on water. We should become aware of every activity we do and we have the chance and opportunity to do that.

We should start to conserve the environment and that phase will come with an extra equilibrium. The challenge is that there is a sort of a mismatch between the political democratic articulation for water and what is required in the long run. So, we fear pricing water at its true ecological cost while capturing the human right to water.

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