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Vivanta Vashi

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The Vivanta Vashi designed by The BNK Group has an architecture that reflects both the culture and context of Navi Mumbai.

Behzad Kharas, Chairman & Managing Director, The BNK Group explains that this is a greenfield property that initially was planned to be a Gateway, then a Taj and eventually a Vivanta brand. Located in Navi Mumbai, the idea was to reflect a brand that catered to the millennial traveller.

Mint, blue, mauve, and ultraviolet the branding colour of Vivanta with pops of yellow ochre and the fluidity of water makes this an art inspired hotel. This is evident in the lobby area, where you see the reception art which is basically an interpretation of the master plan Vashi in a 3D form.

Inspired by the colours of the flamingos dipping into the ocean water, Mynt the all-day diner is designed to have a flamboyant dining experience. Blending with Mynt is Swirl, a deli which has its own chic Parisian feel and blends beautifully into one space.

The 327 square metres of banquet space has again been designed unconventionally. While you will not find typical chandeliers here, the light fixture is a strong colourful one that is designed like an array of colours that can be seen when flamingos dip their wings into water.

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