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Walking Backwards

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Flipping the notion of walking on its head, quite literally, backward walking has a range of health benefits too.

Walking backwards engages a distinct group of muscles, including the calf muscles, glutes, and quadriceps. Improving stability and balance is one of the most significant advantages of walking backwards. Walking backwards is also useful for persons suffering from osteoarthritis of the knees. It enables us to take shorter steps, which improves muscle endurance in the lower legs while decreasing the strain on the lower joints. Walking backwards is also good for those with neurological disorders.

The advantages of shifting directions are not therapeutic, but walking backwards leads to the discovery of other advantages. Going backwards consumes 40% more energy than walking forward.

According to Dr. Rajeev Rajesh, Chief Yoga Officer, Jindal Naturecure Institute “It will certainly burn more calories than going forward because the body has to work harder than if you were walking naturally. Walking backwards can help you build your leg endurance and aerobic capacity more quickly. Because the strain you’re putting on your body is greater. You’re training your body to adapt to new and unexpected demands, which encourages physical fitness gain and growth.”

Some of the benefits of Walking backwards are as follows-

·       Improving stability and balance is one of the most well-studied benefits of walking backwards.

·       Walking backwards can help persons with osteoarthritis improve their balance, forward gait, and walking style.

·       This can increase the endurance of our muscles, particularly those in our lower legs, as well as temporarily relieve our joints.

·       Walking backwards improves our posture by utilising more muscle strength and supporting our lumbar spine. People suffering from chronic back pain should give it a try because it may provide some relief.

·       Walking backwards needs more concentration from our brain and hence can help us focus.

·       Walking normally is beneficial for weight management, but walking backwards can be much more beneficial.

·       Walking backwards, our bodies expend more energy than when we move forward.

Individuals who have injuries from exercise are not advised, as well as those with major balance issues or fall risk should avoid this activity. Otherwise, anyone who can safely walk ahead could try walking backwards.

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