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Wardrobe Décor

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Wardrobes may be an essential utility in a home but it does not mean that they cannot add to the décor of the space.

One needs to start with listing all their requirements and customising the inner carcass wardrobe as per anthropometry /requirements. The perfect wardrobe is not the most aesthetically appealing but the one that meets all our requirements. These days the pandora is vast. From wallpapers to fabric to PU finish to veneer polish all these materials are highly suitable for wardrobes.

Nowadays people have started to be more experimental with their wardrobes. So all glass wardrobes are trending, along with full height shutters as opposed to making separate over heads.

The best way to do the same is start by listing all your requirements. Dedicate drawers to items that need further organising like Jewelry, watches etc. The built in fittings in the wardrobes can be expensive so one can always buy external organisers and place them inside as per requirements.

The most important factor to remember is not all bedrooms can house shutter wardrobes, in that case we should go for slider wardrobes.

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