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Watch your Weight

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As the festival season begins, it is also the time for parties that extend well into the end of the calendar year, and this is when binge eating needs a watchful eye.

It’s the time to party, quite literally as India is up on its toes as the pandemic wanes. Eating and drinking is naturally a part of the merriment. However, once you check your weight after all the fun, it could probably give you a bit of a shock. But fret not as we share five tips that will help you watch your weight, even as you party.

  • Choose Right
  • Pick a millet for any one meal in a day
  • Incorporate Gut Friendly ingredients
  • Stick to a Routine
  • Include probiotic/fermented food in your diet

Healthy gut health is very important so one of the way to maintain weight is to take care of your gut. Avoid all ultra processed foods, dairy and gluten to nourish your gut at its best. Absorption of all the nutritions takes place in the gut itself. This will help you in sustaining the weight loss and not having your weight stuck at a point.

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