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Water and wastewater management in hotels

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Water and wastewater management are an important aspect of hospitality that are part of their ecological strategy.

Hotels use a copious amount of water, and this is an area where any changes can mean significant cost savings. This is also an area where guests can do their bit by being conscientious.

Managing water includes:

1. Getting the proper quality of the raw water for desired purpose.

2. Finding out the means to minimise the use.

3. Once used it will become dirty (wastewater) so finding ways to recycle it back to further use.

Sewage Treatment Plant at Sheraton Hyderabad Hotel .
Sewage Treatment Plant at Sheraton Hyderabad Hotel .

The water and wastewater treatment systems ( WTP’s)are very much important in hotel industry for Cooking, Cooling tower , Boiler and swimming pool operations. FDA having certifications watch on the drinking / cooking water quality and one has to maintain that. The water management also precisely control with the help of designated parameters.

Wastewater generated from the kitchen activities and from the utensils washings area need to treat well before discharging to the open sewer line and River. The stringent norms laid down by the PCB has watch on this activity.

The wastewater treatment recycling for gardening and toilet flushing purposes help in drastically reduce the consumption of fresh water and thus demand. Approximately 60% of fresh water need will be taken care by wastewater recycling.

The laundry wastewater is having the higher pH and containing the soaps and detergents can be well treated in ETP ( Effluent Treatment Plant) followed by UF (Ultra Filtration). The kitchen waste water is being little critical to treat because of presence of floating oil and grease. After removing the oil it can be further treated in biological reactor with sewage.

Precise measuring instruments like flowmeters are available which can easily give you the amount of water the industry has used and wasted. This will help to monitor and control the water resources very well. The data from the flowmeters can be taken automatically on the server to monitor and to take right step of treatment.

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