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Wetlands in India

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In the backdrop of World Wetlands Day of Feb 2, there is an urgent need to bring these fragile ecosystems under the spotlight that they deserve.

The first time I saw a wetland was on a visit to Kolkata and it was then that I fully understood how these fragile spaces foster biodiversity and human life. The latest budget made a specific announcement of funds to conserve wetlands which speaks volumes for the role they play in maintaining ecological balance.

Open billed storks
Open billed storks

The Habitats Trust aims at conserving India’s natural habitats and endangered species, and among the more notable things it has done for conservation of India’s flora and fauna, in December 2022, as part of its Habitats Trust Grants 2022, the organisation awarded more than INR 1 crore across categories to 5 deserving organisations and individuals for their work in conservation of lesser-known species like the white-bellied heron, great Indian bustard, and more.

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