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What Dreams Mean

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Dreams are often called the gateway to the unconscious and yet have myriad interpretations that experts explain.

Dreams are fascinating and mysterious experiences and decoding the psychology behind dreams could lead to a better understanding of sleep and the mind. Psychotherapists have long believed that our dreams give us insights into feelings and internal struggles of which we may not always be aware.

The process of assigning meaning to dreams is known as dream interpretation. There is no convincing evidence that understanding or interpreting dreams has a positive impact on one’s mental health, despite the fact that it is related with several forms of psychotherapy.

Dreams are fascinating and mysterious experiences to explore. Decoding the psychology behind our dreams could lead to a better understanding of sleep and the mind as a whole. Dreams, according to some researchers, are the consequence of neurons in our brains randomly firing while we sleep.

Other researchers, on the other hand, believe that dreams are a little more nuanced. We know that our brains move memories from short-term to long-term memory as we sleep. Dreams, according to some, are a component of this process. If this is the case, dreams may be far more important than many people believe. Psychotherapists have long believed that our dreams give us insights into feelings and internal struggles of which we may not always be aware.

Some of the psychologists who engage in dream analysis still use a method similar to Jung’s. This method relies heavily on interpreting the symbolism of the dream compared with standard meanings. Jung’s method of dream analysis psychology involved studying the symbolism used by different cultural groups. Themes that occurred in the dreams of different cultural groups and that were seen to mean the same thing was identified as “archetypes.”

Interpreting your dreams is an interesting way to gain insights into your unconscious mind & helps understand what’s happening in our waking life. Here are some popular dreams with meanings to look out for;

·       DEATH – Dreaming about the death of a loved one; you want to embody a trait this loved one represents or have unresolved feelings about them. Dreaming of your own death; a transition and new beginning.

·       FALLING – These dreams may signify underlying anxiety and a loss of control in your waking life.

·       FLYING – Flying signifies freedom, power and new possibilities.

·       NUDITY – It is a sign of insecurity, vulnerability, or feelings of being judged.

·       SNAKES – It signifies some hidden fears and worries threatening you. 

·       ROMANTIC INTEREST- If you see an ex in a dream, it may mean you still have unresolved feelings about the relationship.

·       RUNNING- Being chased in a dream indicates that you are avoiding issues in your current life instead of addressing them.

·       TEETH- It signifies a fear of aging and a loss of attractiveness.

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