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Where to eat breakfast in Hyderabad?

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I have spent my childhood in Hyderabad and the city of pearls is very close to my heart. I have never let an opportunity pass when it comes to revisiting the city that has changed quite a lot and yet retains its quintessential charm.

This is why when I was asked to write about the top 10 places to have breakfast as my first story for Money Control, I was happy as it was also a lot of nostalgia that I felt as I wrote this piece.

Pasta at The Park Hyderabad
Pasta at The Park Hyderabad

Here is my list:

  1. Sree Poorna Tiffin’s
  2. Nimrah Bakery
  3. Café Marka
  4. Chutneys
  5. Theory Café & Dessert Bar
  6. Minerva Coffee Shop
  7. Govind’s Bandi
  8. Taj Mahal Hotel
  9. Hotel Nayaab
  10. Ishtaa

While this is just an indicative list, that mixes old and new places and traditional and modern cuisine, the city of Hyderabad takes its cuisine very seriously and you are bound to always find something new or a modern take on these places.

However if you are new to the city, this is a great list simply because it covers the vast repertoire of food that you can try in the city. I hope that left you intrigued and you can read the full story that first appeared in Money Control here:

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