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Wicker & Wood Home Decor

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Colonial décor is making a comeback with wicker and wood furniture taking center stage as new age homes are making them a statement piece in their interiors.

The rise of the popularity of mid-century furniture as a style has ensured that wicker has regained its popularity in the last couple of years. You may have seen its manifestations in plater chairs, but today wood and wicker are going beyond conventions to create a compelling décor statement like no other.

Bucket Chair and Perision Console - Nivasa
Bucket Chair and Perision Console – Nivasa

Colonial Charm

Use of wicker as a material in furniture, whether in a plantation chair, a pair of wardrobe shutters or even in a ceiling fan, can be nostalgic and take you back to summer holidays spent at a grandparents home or a vacation in an old British bungalow. This year has seen a move towards fresh, natural materials such as terracotta, wood and wicker. These elements help bring an organic and serene ambience to any space.

Apple Country Bed
Apple Country Bed

“The trend for chic bohemian homes is defined by gentle neutrals mixed with splashes of colour, houseplants and most importantly, furniture made of natural materials. From easy maintenance to durability, wooden and wicker furniture optimize functionality with aesthetics,” avers Catherine Trotman – Head – Home & Lifestyle, Fabindia.

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