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Window Decor in Homes

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When doing up your home do not forget your windows – they can make a world of difference to your interiors.

Window décor can play multiple roles in enhancing the overall look of a living space. This type of décor can be purely functional or décor oriented or a combination of both depending on the space and natural light received.

Pic courtesy: JM:The Design consultant
Pic courtesy: JM:The Design consultant

Utility Factor

Windows can be decorated in a myriad ways. Before you start decorating, first figure what the window you are working with actually needs to do will you keep it both open and shut,  does it need shading from light, do you need to cover it for privacy, is there space to decorate from the outside and is there a ledge? “There are basically two ways to shade windows from light – blinds and curtains. What you do with them is what is exciting The obvious way is to use fabric – but mix patterns, use borders, re-use old saris, have double layers,” says Srila Chatterjee, Co-founder, Baro India. Most often than not, windows can be underplayed as a part of room decor. The significance of beautifully decorated windows is unparalleled if one considers the aesthetic value of this element. Aiyappa Alemada, Business Head, Purva Streaks explains, “depending on the size of a living space, wall colour, natural lighting and the overall theme of a space, windows can be decorated in many creative ways. One can also explore the multiple options available in the window shades and shutter segment or the sliding screens, which move sideways.” Understand the strengths of your window. Just like home decorations, they also come in different styles, sizes and shapes. “Some of the most common types are double-hung, picture, casement, slider and bay windows. Knowing the strengths of your window, especially its location and shape, when looking for window treatment ideas will help you get the right pick. Hanging the curtains and drapes at a certain height above the window will give your window a larger appearance,” says Mario Schmidt, Managing Director, Lingel Windows and Doors Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Pic courtesy: JM:The Design consultant
Pic courtesy: JM:The Design consultant

The Specifics

The shape of the window has great impact in any interior design. If one has the liberty to change or design windows before the interiors it is the best. The key design rule is to allow maximum day light and frame the best view available from the interiors of the home. “Having big openings and windows on the North side of any building, allows maximum light but prevents heat gain due to sun direction. Similarly Bay windows are a good solution where space is a constraint. Bay windows are used in densely populated cities as a replacement to balconies for this reason and also to maximize the surface area for receiving day light. Similarly Skylights are a good option for independent houses, when places with right treatment can be great source of day light and grey view night sky. It also ensures privacy of the residents without compromising on the natural light and ventilation inside,” says Ruchi Mishra, DGM – Architecture, Rudrabhishek Enterprises Ltd. (REPL). Arshi Mukri, Interior Design Expert, Pepperfry avers, “adding large botanical explorations near the window draws too much attention to them and takes away the aesthetics of the window.  The addition of LED or fairy lights to the bedroom windows or smaller sized windows in the house is a great idea to make the space warm and comfortable.”

Pic courtesy: JM:The Design consultant
Pic courtesy: JM:The Design consultant

Décor Matters

The best way to add some drama to your living space is to put plants in glass bottles or jars and hang them with the help of hooks across your windows. Decorate the window frame with fairy lights to create a dreamy look for your house. “If you have planned a particular look for your room, achieve the look with a variety of styles, colours, and materials. You can create a ledge, place a mattress and make a cosy corner to unwind and relax. You can also keep some books on either side of the mattress and place some books on the window ledge,” says Niharika Saraf, Design Lead, Arrivae. Decorating the window sills with plants is one of the easiest ways to instantly transform your space. Place a few potted plants to create a vibrant green environment. Hang a vertical string of lights or use an attractive night lamp/ colored hanging lamps along with a nice crochet sheer curtain to enhance your room décor. Using brighter and bolder fabrics or painting window frames in bright colors can spruce up plain windows. Make sure when you open the curtain or blinds you get a maximum opening. Also never have curtains touching the floor as it will attract lot of dirt and is very hard to maintain. “Instead of curtain rods, try and use “C” channels. These are better and smooth compared to the rods. Always keep pelmet for curtains as it helps to frame the window as well as establishing a clear line between the curtains and false ceiling if you have full height curtains,” says Jenis Makwana, Founder & Chief Design Director, JM: The Design Consultant.

Courtesy REPL
Courtesy REPL


  • Flowing drapes, Roman shades or simple shutters are popular options for window décor.
  • Matchstick blinds are a good bet for small spaces and the slim blinds let natural light in
  • Sheer curtains bring a classy look and feel to the space, with more light.
  • Tall curtains add contrast plus make the room look bigger.
  • Lambrequins add shape and movement around the window.
  • Selection of right curtains like sheer, solids, jacquard or printed depending on the room upholstery is really important.

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