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World Oceans Day 2023

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June 8th is celebrated World Oceans Day and it is this day that focuses attention to one of the most important eco systems of the world.

Oceans foster life by ensuring that they generate oxygen – at least 70 percent of what we breathe. Marine life that regulates the ocean are also an important aspect of the ocean.

However plastic pollution and an overkill of tourism have seen these fragile systems bear the brunt and consequently there has been an increase in tsunamis and flooding.

However while you enjoy the ocean you can also do you bit for conservation. Some examples of things that you can do include:

See whale sharks in Qatar
Go coral searching in Lakshadweep
See turtle conservation in Sri Lanka
See Mumbai’s varied marine life with Marine Life of Mumbai (MLOM)
Swim with butterflyfish in Koh Tao, Thailand

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