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World Photography Day

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This World Photography Day we speak to professionals who tell us what photography means to them and how it has helped them do better at their job.

Phalgun K Patel, Naturalist/Travel Specialist, Wandering Gliders shares some tips you can use.

Phagun's Work - Wildlife Tiger
Phagun’s Work – Wildlife Tiger


-Make sure your equipment is always clean , charged and always have extras essentials (batteries , cleaning cloth , a dry bag , a raincoat for unexpected weather)

– Try and shoot in manual mode so you understand what aperture, shutter speed and ISO does at various settings. It can help you freeze a frame or get a motion blur based on the moment. The more you use , the better your skill would get.

– If it comes to macro subjects , you’ll need an external flash with a diffuser and you’ll need to have rock steady hands, as smaller the subject, harder it is to focus.  

-Always listen to your guide /naturalist as they’ll make sure you get the moment that you’re looking for. Try and understand the behaviour of the animal so you could be ready to shoot when the moment is right.  

-Move on from animal portraiture to animal behaviour shots . Its better and it has a story attached.

-Along with your camera gear , invest in a good pair of binoculars. You’ll see better. 

Courtesy Aziz Amin, Founder & Director, Eztablish Design Communication
Courtesy Aziz Amin, Founder & Director, Eztablish Design Communication


-Always be an ethical photographer .Never disturb the subject or try to get it’s attention through external factors like making sounds , playing calls of the animal ,etc. Photographs are important but not at the cost of the animal

– Don’t forget to view the animal or the bird or the frog with your naked eye. 90% of the photographers always miss out on seeing the beauty of wildlife other than through their viewfinder. Quickly take your photos and spend time viewing the animal . You’ll thank me for this later,trust me .

– Do not be a nuisance to others. Just because you have a bigger camera than the next person doesn’t mean you have all the viewing rights. Watch and let others watch too. After all everyone is here to have fun in the jungles.  

-Do not wear bright colours as certain wavelengths are seen better by animals/birds. Try to wear sober and pastel shades.  

-Do not make sudden movements, be it in a safari jeep or on a walk. It could frighten the animal or make it aggressive. Sit calm and shoot.  

-Don’t focus on one or two charismatic animals like big cats or bears . See everything. There are amazing photographic opportunities everywhere inside the forest from lichens growing on trees and rocks to orchids hanging off tree branches to fantastically coloured birds in the bush.  

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