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Ziro Festival of Music

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India’s most ecofriendly music festival is back after a hiatus of two years and in its ninth edition is getting a technological makeover.

What is common to Rabbi Shergill, Jumme Khan, Baba Sehgal, Bipul Chettri, Leon Somov & Dileta, Emilie Hanak, Eadyth. Mangka and Antikvariniai Kašpirovskio Dantys? Well, all of them are set to perform at the Ziro Festival of Music. But that’s not all. The festival is all set to see many more artists perform over the course of four days.

Through the last couple of years, the team has worked on various collaborations and the result is seen in ZIRO FOCUS is an international collaborative project in partnership with Focus Wales, UK, produced by Ziro Festival of Music.

Ziro festival of Music
Ziro festival of Music

The festival is known as the most ecofriendly music festival in India, and this is not without reason. All the infrastructure in Birii village where the festival will be conducted is made mostly from bamboo and timber (oak and pine that is cultivated separately).

The festival works with the local residents who also have the same sustainability ethos and the local Apatani community are doing the decor as well.

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