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All About Vanilla

Did you know that vanilla is the second most expensive spice after saffron? Well chances are probably not and the reason why vanilla is so expensive is that it takes years to become usable. The best place to learn about Bourbon vanilla is at the La Vanilleraie, a traditional workshop located in Sainte Suzanne in Reunion Island. History of Vanilla The vanilla plant has been in use for over 2000 years and is native to Mexico. Vanilla in Reunion Island

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Diamond Jewellery Trends

Artemis By Bibhu Mohapatra for Forevermark There has been a very exciting shift in how people are choosing jewellery now. The trend has moved towards custom, unique pieces of fine jewellery that are both collectible and personal. “Diamonds in particular have become extremely fun, playful and versatile. People are wearing the most stunning pieces any time of day now, with any outfit, not just for evening with a ball gown. A pair of diamond statement earrings or thick eye-catching cuff

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Gardening in Small Spaces

While the Pantone colour of the year is green, there is an easy way to create your own patch of greenery at home. And if you are worried about space, here are a host of ideas to go green even when you have a space constraint. The Specifics Good design is essential for small space gardens. If you have limited room to grow, maximising the area you can garden in and wise plant selection are top priorities. K. Madhavan, Managing

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Manjushree Heritage Packaging Museum

Nostalgia is a wonderful feeling and one that normally brings back memories that one would fondly look back at. The Manjushree Heritage Packaging Museum in Bangalore is much like that. A one stop show for all vintage packaged products, the museum is housed in a building hugged by pink bougainvillea trees in the industrial area of Bommasandra. Established in 2003 by Manjushree Technopack Ltd this is part of its packaging innovation division and is the brainchild of Vimal Kedia, Managing

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Coffee Goes Artisan

In recent years, wine tasting is a word that most urban folks have come to understand. However today, coffee tasting sessions are slowly but surely making a mark in the pretentious tasting space. The reason is a clear trend towards having speciality coffee, artisan coffee and even micro roastaries akin to micro breweries. Well if that sounds like a lot of jargon, it is really not. For the uninitiated, micro-roastery is a small space where coffee is roasted in small

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