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Pench Travelogue

There is more to Pench in Madhya Pradesh than its jungles and this is what adds to its infinite charm. “Welcome to the setting of Rudyard Kipling’s the Jungle Book,” said my host as he welcomed me to Pench. For the uninitiated, Pench is the setting of this famous book and the forest here was… Read More Pench Travelogue


A Legacy of Textiles – Vimor Handloom Foundation

Vimor Handloom Foundation is an enterprise that turned 45 years recently and is an enterprise driven by people, art, culture, handloom enthusiasts. Established in 1974, by Chimy Nanjappa and Pavithra Muddaya, Vimor is involved in research, conservation and design of handlooms and weaving traditions across India. As a charitable foundation, Vimor also works in close… Read More A Legacy of Textiles – Vimor Handloom Foundation