All About Idli

Amidst the growing debate around idli and its popularity with many people taking to Twitter in support, the humble product seems to have found its universal appeal. After a British professor called it ‘the most boring thing in the world’, netizens from across the globe trolled the professor. It’s hard to resist the goodness of this steamed… Read More All About Idli

The Hindu

Mystical Mandu

Located 90 kms from Indore, Mandu stands a mute spectator to the eternal love story of Baz Bahadur and Rani Rupamati. The 16th century legendary romance of Rani Rupamati and Baz Bahadur is what this town is best known for. A local lore says that Narmada was so impressed by Rupamati’s devotion towards her, that… Read More Mystical Mandu

Deccan Chronicle

Colours with a Cause

This Holi take care of your skin and hair by using organic colours, many of which not just have an environment but social angle too. Craftizen Foundation that is working to preserve and evolve Indian craft and artisanal skills has been working on using discarded Temple flowers to make organic Holi colours with its brand… Read More Colours with a Cause

Free Press Journal

The Karkhana Chronicles

Preserving textile heritage, three custodians from royal families have come together to create The Karkhana Chronicles, an initiative that is all about highlighting India’s ancient textile history. The royal palaces and forts of India have an unmissable allure. And to add to their aura, three of the royal palaces – Jai Villas Palace in Gwalior,… Read More The Karkhana Chronicles