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Recipe: Raw Mango, Pan-Seared Tuna, Charcoal Sago Crisps

A combination of tuna, sago (tapioca pearls) and raw mango may often seem rare, and it is true that when combining diverse elements, there will be hesitation. However, this is one dish where these elements come together beautifully. Raw mangoes are packed with vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin K, magnesium, calcium, iron, and… Read More Recipe: Raw Mango, Pan-Seared Tuna, Charcoal Sago Crisps

Deccan Chronicle

Avoid Roaching when Dating

Is your partner lying to you constantly about their schedule and timelines? Are they non-committal and keeping you away from introducing to friends and family? These are some classic signs of roaching. Roaching is when a person is simultaneously seeing/dating/sleeping with different people. Roaches are more into casual dating and are commonly active on dating… Read More Avoid Roaching when Dating

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Picnic Recipes

A great way to chill in the outdoors with family and friends’ picnics are always a great idea especially in the post pandemic era. Picnics have always been a fun idea especially if you were growing up in the 80’s and 90’s. In fact a picnic was a day that almost all of the family,… Read More Picnic Recipes

Deccan Chronicle

Acidity – answering the burning question

Nikhil Chaudhary, Holistic Nutritionist, Entrepreneur and Author explains why acidity cannot be controlled only by medication. Acidity and heartburn are issues that plague not just adults but also children. Just think of how often you experience heartburn, frequent burps and indigestion and you can easily understand that this issue cannot be overlooked. In his book… Read More Acidity – answering the burning question

Hotelier India

Hotels and Sustainability

Hotels are being designed to incorporate environmental consciousness and are employing holistic ecological practices to make a difference to the planet. Hoteliers and designers are using a ‘three-zero-concept’ approach, using local construction materials and skills (zero kilometers), prioritizing energy management and lower emissions (zero carbon dioxide), and introducing life-cycle management into the building process (zero… Read More Hotels and Sustainability