Deccan Chronicle

Destress Your Tresses from Scalp folliculitis

Scalp folliculitis is a common inflammatory skin condition affecting scalp hair follicles that needs special care and attention. Scalp folliculitis is a common inflammatory skin condition affecting scalp hair follicles. It is usually caused by fungal, bacterial, or yeast infections or factors such as ingrown hair. Usually, it is home-treatable unless the infection spreads. It… Read More Destress Your Tresses from Scalp folliculitis


The Chola Food Choice

The cuisine of the Cholas is diverse and has a variety of influences making the food of this region appeal to a wide variety of palates. As a school child one of the most fascinating chapters in my history textbook was of the Cholas. It was their interest in architecture and heritage that had caught… Read More The Chola Food Choice

Architectural Digest

EuroSchool Bengaluru

A school that is set amidst nature in the environs of Bannerghatta National Park is making a compelling case for nature front design. The architect team of Saurabh Gupta and Akanksha Gupta, Partners at Vijay Gupta Architects had the conversation and the first site visit with the Euro School Foundation in 2010. The foundation wished… Read More EuroSchool Bengaluru

Deccan Chronicle

Summer Coolers

The mercury is rising but you can be cool by sipping on some of these coolers that are sure to give you the shot of energy you need. You need to cool down and the best way is to go in for some refreshing summer drinks that will help you stay hydrated as well as… Read More Summer Coolers


Drip Therapy for Beauty

Intravenous or IV Drips are being touted as the new mantra for flawless and smooth skin but is it worth the hype?  Intravenous (IV) vitamin therapy (also known as intravenous micronutrient therapy and hydration therapy) drip therapy is a way to administer optimal vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream. This allows rapid absorption of… Read More Drip Therapy for Beauty

Seema Magazine

Dr. Darshana Patel Interview

Say hello to Darshana Patel who is running for the California State Assembly in 2024. Families continue to struggle with accessing affordable housing, higher education, high quality healthcare. Many of the resources offered are not provided in a culturally competent way, where the communities congregate, or in the languages needed to access those services. There… Read More Dr. Darshana Patel Interview