Ramayana Trail in Bihar

Bihar has some interesting sites connected with the epic Ramayana, here are two of them. Ramchaura Located in the city of Hajipur in Bihar, Ramchaura is known for a temple that is dedicated to Lord Rama that it is located at Rambhadra near Helabazar. The name Ramchaura comes from Ram named after the Lord and… Read More Ramayana Trail in Bihar


Street Art in Bangalore

Street art in Bengaluru has become a form of expression whether it is a social message or simply a manifestation of creativity. One of the gender inclusive art work in the city has been done by Aravani Art Project, a collective movement working to enable the transgender community through visual arts, socially inclusive experiments and… Read More Street Art in Bangalore


Indi Collage and Samprada

Indi Collage an exhibition space for designers is making conversations around colourful dialogues focusing on the products, story, art and brand of apparel a reality. Anuradha, CEO & Co-founder of Indi Collage has been an exhibitor herself traveling across the country to engage with her customers. As a designer she faced several challenges in displaying… Read More Indi Collage and Samprada


Chhapa: Making a Mark

Chhapa is a brand that works with artisans and uses hand block printing techniques to give a contemporary spin to tradition. The apparel industry may have the dubious distinction of being the second highest polluter but there are conscientious brands that want to change this. And Chhapa is doing this one block at a time.… Read More Chhapa: Making a Mark

The New Indian Express

Cognitive Behaviour and Desk Jobs

A recent study reveals that the relationship between cognitive levels and physical activity is not as straightforward as you think. Generally, people involved in desk-jobs need to be more focused, and therefore they need to be mentally active. They’re trained for problem-solving. Consequently, their cognitive abilities are better developed than those involved in purely manual… Read More Cognitive Behaviour and Desk Jobs


Navratri Thaali at Shangri-La

Ssaffron, the award-winning Indian restaurant at Shangri-La Hotel, Bengaluru, has a specially-curated vegetarian Navratri Thaali that will be available from 17-24 October 2020. My first experience dining out in almost seven months was at Ssaffron at Shangri-La Bengaluru. Coincidentally, I had dined here last for a Kashmiri Food Festival before the lockdown. The restaurant has… Read More Navratri Thaali at Shangri-La