Eco Friendly Spas

There are several methods that spas and salons commonly employ to be more environmentally conscious: Sustainable Products Reducing Water Usage Energy Conservation At Chi, The Spa at Shangri-La Eros New Delhi they embrace a philosophy centred on mindful and eco-friendly beauty practices. The commitment extends to the selection of essential oils that transcend the ordinary.… Read More Eco Friendly Spas


Natural Oils

Natural oils are like a secret potion for pampering your body and hair in spas and salons. Most natural oils are safe to use, but sometimes they may be adulterated. If they are not used for a long time, they may go bad. Taking a patch test is a safe bet with some new oils.… Read More Natural Oils

Luxury Facts

Tipai by Wildlife Luxuries

Tipai is a bespoke experience waiting to be explored tucked away in the wild and untapped forest of Tipeshwar. It is a holiday that is without rules and without an itinerary, customised for everybody from food to activities to amenities. Founded by Keyur Joshi, Tipai expands to a vast 34-acre expanse in the periphery of Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary with a choice of plush… Read More Tipai by Wildlife Luxuries

Zee Zest

Kayaking in Saligrama

For someone who enjoys nature, I have a soft corner for mangroves as an ecosystem. I have consciously looked for these eco systems in several places and I was pleasantly surprised to note that these were literally in my backyard. Being a regular visitor to the South Canara region, the discovery of the mangroves was… Read More Kayaking in Saligrama


Gawky Goose Kitchen & Bar

Tucked into a bustling street, near one of Bangalore’s most well-known landmarks- Wind Tunnel Road, this cutting-edge neighbourhood kitchen and bar is sure to be an instant crowd favourite. Bringing back memories of the good Old Days of the pub culture on Wind Tunnel Road, which once had some of the most happening resto bars… Read More Gawky Goose Kitchen & Bar

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Riveted at Rann

The Little Rann of Kutch is a landscape that is unique and like no other as it has a biodiversity that is one of its kind. After I booked my flight tickets, I looked for a place to stay as LRK is located about 100 kilometers from Ahmedabad. I decided on Rann Riders as it… Read More Riveted at Rann

Deccan Chronicle

Rajasthani Cuisine

With its quintessential elements, Rajasthani cuisine packs a punch of taste and flavour that are bound to take your tastebuds on a culinary treat. Food from the region of Rajasthan has an earthly feel and is connected to the land. We share some recipes that reflect this ethos. Read the full story that first appeared… Read More Rajasthani Cuisine