Kadence: On a Musical Mission

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Kadence, India’s leading musical instrument brand has not just made inroads into the United States of America but is hoping to be available in six more countries in 2021.

The company was started by Siddhartha Jhunjhunwala, Director and Founder to fill the gap in the market for musical instruments in India to make them affordable to allow people to explore a new hobby.

Guitar by Kadence
Guitar by Kadence

Kadence holds open mic evenings in Bangalore, Goa, Hyderabad and Delhi. With the Kadence motto ‘Let’s music’, the Open Mic is organized to bring people together and celebrate music like true artists. It provides a chance especially for emerging musicians to give up their fear of the stage and put themselves out there. By being the only brand that gives its patrons an opportunity like this, Kadence has developed a niche for itself and is keeping the live music trend alive.

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